Downspouts & More

Downspouts are an essential component to any gutter system as they direct rainwater from your roof to the ground. These are necessary because downspouts allow water to flow away from your roof to prevent it from running down your siding and pooling at the base of your building. Gutters would not be very functional without downspouts! 

  • The smooth, rounded shape prevents water from collecting in any creases

Rain Barrels

If you’re passionate about gardening or making sustainable choices, rain barrels may be a great option for you.  Rain barrels allow for easy rainwater harvesting and are becoming increasingly popular. You can recycle your rainwater when watering your indoor/outdoor plants or even cleaning up around the house!

  • A good choice for those wanting to recycle rainwater for other purposes instead of simply directing it away from their building
  • Sustainable and alternative method of preventing water from pooling around buildings

Rain Chains

Rain chains direct water away from your gutters and are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional downspouts. In certain cases, rain chains can be used to direct excess water around your yard to areas of landscaping that can hold more water. Rain chains are better for locations that don’t experience heavy rainfall very often, as they can’t hold up to extreme rain.

  • A more decorative alternative to downspouts 
  • Require experts for installation to ensure they work properly
  • Hold less water than traditional downspouts