Gutter Guards & More

Gutter add-ons and attachments are always a worthwhile investment when it comes to the longevity of your gutters! Our gutter guards are our most popular added feature for gutters because they allow for easier, less-frequent cleanings and increase the lifespan of your gutter system. Splash blocks and guards force excess water away from your house and prevent water from pooling on your roof or around your building's foundation. 

  • Gutter guards are attached on top of gutters to prevent debris from piling up inside your gutters, causing clogs; gutter guards do not stop cleanings from being necessary; they simply make cleanings easier & less frequent
  • Splash blocks can be added to any gutter installation as a way to ensure water does not pool around your building’s foundation, causing damage to your structure
  • Splash guards are complimentary with every gutter installation at Capital City Gutter because they allow gutters to work even in the heaviest of rainfalls

Gutter Add-On Options

Gutter Guards

Prevent clogs, spend less time cleaning, and extend the life of your gutters by installing gutter guards.

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Splash Blocks

Divert rainwater away from your building’s foundation by adding splash blocks below your downspouts.

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Splash Guards

Keep water from spilling over your gutters during heavy rainfalls with splash guards (at no extra charge).

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